ISO/IEC 17020:1998 Accreditation

SFA-Testsystemen has been accredited since 26 July 2006 by the Dutch Accreditation Council as a type A inspection body authorised to inspect watertight floors and sewers in compliance with AS6700, protocols 6701, 6703 and 6704 (formerly CUR/PBV Recommendation 44) and is authorised to issue an Impermeable Facility Certificate (formerly PBV Certificate) for watertight floors and sewers. SFA-Testsystemen also holds accreditation to conduct air test inspections on watertight floors.

SFA-Testsystemen is registered with the Dutch Accreditation Council under number I 194.

REOB / Maintenance of small fire extinguishers

SFA-Testsystemen has been certified since 12 April 2010 to carry out maintenance on small fire extinguishers in compliance with the CCV Certification Scheme for Small Fire Extinguisher Maintenance (REOB), version 2.0 dated 1 January 2009.

NEN-EN-ISO 9001:2008

The SFA-Testsystemen quality management system has been ISO 9001 certified since 4 August 2007.

VCA** 2008/5.1

Quality and safety form important cornerstones of our business operations. Possession of the VCA** certificate indicates that work is also carried out according to the strictest safety conditions.
SFA-Testsystemen has been certified for VCA** since 8 November 2004.


Kwalibo stands for quality assurance in soil management. It is one of the measures for improving soil management. Kwalibo has three spearheads:
1. Quality improvement by the government.
2. Strengthening supervision and enforcement.
3. Qualification system for soil intermediaries.
The Soil Management Quality Decree (known as Kwalibo) focuses on the quality and integrity of soil intermediaries.
The quality standards are set out in assessment directives, protocols and other documentation.
SFA-Testsystemen holds Kwalibo accreditation for inspecting soil protection facilities and measures in compliance with AS SIKB 6700. SFA-Testsystemen and its employs act in compliance with the established guidelines.