SFA-Testsystemen was founded in the spring of 2001. SFA-Testsystemen is initially engaged in inspections for watertight forecourt surfaces at petrol filling stations. As the name of our company already indicates, we never intended to be an average inspection agency. From the very inception of SFA-Testsystemen, we have striven to create added value for our clients. We achieve this by applying our products and services and implementing innovative ideas.

Achieving cost savings for our clients plays a central role in this. The development and application of the SFA Air Test System has been a key contribution. From the moment that inspection of watertight surfaces was current, we had doubts in certain cases about the results derived from visual inspections. Owners and users of watertight surfaces or containment systems spend money on repairs because watertight surfaces or containment systems are found unfit for service. In certain cases this is justified, but in many cases it is unwarranted. Extensive experience has now shown this. By using the SFA Air Test System we have been able to achieve significant savings for our clients for maintenance on watertight surfaces and containment systems. Initially for oil companies, but now also for many clients from other sectors including the chemical and petrochemical industry, food industry, defence, recycling, transport, metal and agricultural sectors both nationally and internationally.

Over the years, we have expanded our services to include multiple activities at the request of our clients. As a result, the structure of the organisation has now evolved into three Business Unites: Soil Protection, Fire Safety and Legionella Prevention. For a detailed description of our services, we invited you to read more on our website under “Services”.

Today, SFA-Testsystemen has become an internationally operating, service agency for consultancy and inspection.