Advice and fire protection

Your company’s fire protection is a requirement for your insurer. Correct projection is then also essential. Projecting fire-extinguishing equipment, preparing a company emergency plan or an escape route signal is work of specialists. SFA-Testsystemen is your specialist here! We deliver a customised plan for every kind of business, in discussion with you.

Fire protection

If you have a new area or object that needs to be protected against fire, then you are at the right place at SFA-Testsystemen. We ensure complete fire protection of each area or object for you. We are all ears for all your wishes during a preliminary meeting. We will then perform a fire-risk analysis of your company and activities and determine the fire protection. We will advise you in an analysis report and plan of approach using our findings. The development and implementation of the plan of approach can be started with after approval.


Projecting means placing extinguishing equipment such in an area or object that responsible protection against fire is achieved to the extent possible. A three-step plan is retained for projecting an area or object. Zoning takes place in the first instance. This means classifying the area to be protected into different zones with corresponding use and fire risk where possible.
Then, the basic protection per zone is determined. This implies the minimum required fire prevention equipment within the zone in compliance with legal requirements. Finally, additional fire prevention equipment is determined per zone by applying the specific risks within your company. Projection onto your company can be done if this data is specified.
Fire prevention equipment will be drawn on the building drawings and escape routes, emergency plans and safety signals will be determined.


When the plans are described, they will be reviewed with you as the customer for practical feasibility. We will go through all points on site. If an agreement is achieved, the fire prevention equipment, escape routes and emergency plans will be installed. Extinguishing equipment and emergency lighting is approved after placement. The results are reported in a test report. This test report with a certificate, if required, is given to the customer. Even our digital log book can be used in this regard.

Compliance inspection

If everything is installed and made ready to use, we will finally conduct a compliance inspection to review whether every spot within your company is protected against fire.
SFA-Testsystemen is pleased to help you and advises you wherever necessary.

Please contact us for more information about fire protection of your area or object.