Checking and maintaining emergency lighting

In catastrophes, it is vital that everyone within your company can leave the area safely. Nothing is more unpleasant than having a power outage without your emergency lighting working. In order to prevent such situations, SFA-Testsystemen offers reliable Service and Maintenance so that your emergency lighting does its work in every circumstance.
Kinds of emergency lighting
– escape route lighting
– anti-panic lighting
– lighting of workplaces with heightened risk

Escape route lighting

Escape route lighting serves to clearly identify the escape route options and that they can be used safely. Escape route lighting consists of escape path lighting (lighting of the route itself) and escape path indication. Escape path indication consists of pictograms.

Anti-panic lighting

This lighting serves to prevent panic and to enable people to reach a place from which the escape route can be recognised.

Lighting of workplaces with heightened risk
This lighting ensures that people who find themselves directly in a threatening situation due to the failure of lighting have sufficient light to be able to escape safely.

Working of emergency lighting

Emergency lighting must enable people who are in an area at the time of current outage to get oriented. Emergency lighting must also prevent panic and accidents so that safe evacuation can take place, if required.
This evacuation is done along the escape path as indicated by the transparent lighting.
Emergency lighting will switch on if the power fails, e.g., with overloading, lightning strike or fire. Emergency lighting then takes over the role of normal lighting wholly or partially. Emergency lighting is thus a necessary safety provision.

Maintenance of emergency lighting

You can go directly to SFA-Testsystemen for all your periodic maintenance of emergency lighting. Regardless of type and/or brand of emergency lighting, SFA-Testsystemen ensures professional and safe, but primarily reliable maintenance of your emergency lighting in compliance with the applicable maintenance standards.
Maintenance of your emergency lighting, completely adapted to your wishes, will consist of the following:
– visual check of light fixtures;
– functional test in which it will be verified whether the light fixtures are working in case of a mains power failure;
– testing autonomous time of the light fixtures which do not have any self-test function;
– reading out the results of automatic testing which is done by the light fixtures themselves;
– annual replacement of the light sources which lit up continuously;
– annual record of the maintenance in the emergency lighting log book;
– four-annual replacement of all light sources;
– replacement of defective light sources;
– cleaning of the light fixtures;
– four-annual replacement of the batteries.

All data is collected after the maintenance and submitted to you in a report.
The outcomes of maintenance are clearly and unambiguously described in a test report. This test report with a certificate, if required, is given to the customer. SFA-Testsystemen is pleased to help you and advises you wherever necessary.