Checking and maintaining fire-extinguishing equipment

Safety is currently very important and properly working fire-extinguishing equipment is included in safety. Maintenance is required to keep fire-extinguishing equipment functioning properly. SFA-Testsystemen offers reliable and professional Service and Maintenance for your fire-extinguishing equipment.

Fire extinguishers and maintenance
Fire extinguishers include portable, mobile fire extinguishers, fire hose reels, extinguishing systems and fire blankets. When purchasing fire extinguishers, which are provided with a certificate, are checked and delivered as approved. It is moreover very important to check the fire extinguishers periodically for functionality. There is a probability that fire extinguishers not checked periodically will not work properly in emergency situations. External environment factors play a big role here, thinking about weather, humidity, hanging the fire extinguishers outside or properly inside and hanging the fire extinguishers in a public place. In order to prevent the fire extinguishers from stagnating while working in situations in which they could precisely be of great importance both for your and your environment’s safety, periodically checking fire extinguishers is life-saving.

Periodic maintenance

You can go directly to SFA-Testsystemen for all your periodic maintenance of fire extinguishers. Regardless of type and/or brand of the fire extinguisher, SFA-Testsystemen ensures professional and safe, but primarily reliable maintenance of your fire extinguishers in compliance with the above maintenance standards. Different periodic checks are distinguished in the standards, namely:

– annual check
– extended maintenance
– review
– decommissioning and replacing

SFA-Testsystemen is specialised in each of the above maintenance forms. If the maintenance cannot take place on site, SFA-Testsystemen provides approved loaned extinguishers so that you always have fire-extinguishing equipment for a safe environment. The outcomes of maintenance are clearly and unambiguously described in a test report. This test report with a certificate, if required, is given to the customer. SFA-Testsystemen is pleased to help you and advises you wherever necessary.