Upon drilling through a watertight containment system or surface, e.g., before placing well pipes to be able to monitor the underlaying ground water, a durable watertight and gastight finish is essential.

The specially designed SFA seal can ensure this finish in the following dimensions of drill holes: 40, 75 and 120 mm, where they are suitable for concrete, asphalt, provide protective layers and concretes associated with artificial resin containment systems or surfaces with ceramic tiling.

The quality of the SFA seal can be agreed to the expected chemical loads, in view of the standard materials such as Stainless steel 304, Stainless steel 316 and seals made of NBR, EPDM, Viton® and teflon®. In order to prevent damage to the SFA seal as a result of traffic or wear and tear, they can be laid deep down in the floor. With any substantial damage, the socket-head bold in the seal will break of at a previously determined place, after which the double seal present in the SFA seal will continue doing its work. This is explained in detail in the product information.