Visual inspection liquid tight floors

Environmental care, which also includes the prevention of soil pollution, contributes to the sustainable operation of your company. Moreover, you avoid high clean-up costs caused by soil pollution. Many businesses that conduct activities hazardous to the environment are required to install a liquid tight pavement to prevent soil pollution. SFA-Testsystemen is an accredited independent agency that provides inspections and consultancy in the field of soil protection. Our services include managing, updating and amending the required permits for various clients in the chemical, petrochemical and food industries, recycling and petrol filling stations.

The authorities of countries often include the requirement for liquid-tightness. To guarantee that these facilities are actually liquid tight, where appropriate it is not only mandatory but also wise in all cases to have them checked.

SFA-Testsystemen is NEN-17020 accredited and thus authorised to inspect liquid-tight pavements.

Visual inspection

During a visual inspection of your liquid-tight pavement, an assessment will be made to ensure that your liquid-tight pavement complies with all technical aspects. The conditions that must be met for a liquid-tight pavement that liquids must not seep through or flow off the liquid-tight construction into the soil.

After the visual inspection has been carried out the results are summarised in a report. If no defects are found, an Impermeable Facility Certificate is issued. This enables you to prove that you meet the legal requirements.

If defects are found in the liquid-tight pavement then the report will include a list of possible repair solutions for each defect that can be used by the contractor.

A visual inspection only assesses the visible surface of the liquid-tight pavement. This method may affect the type, quantity and cost of any defects to be repaired. The SFA Air Test System was developed to avoid this and assesses the entire liquid-tight pavement (whole structure). This leads to major savings in repair and management costs in many situations!

SFA-Testsystemen possesses the right qualifications to carry out inspections on your liquid-tight pavement and sewer.